• Cushioned Foot Arch Support


  • The absorbing power of this Cushioned Arch Supports brings a new level of comfort to your tired, aching feet. These "shock absorbers" help alleviate pain and improve balance, control and proper body alignment. With their total-body benefit, not only will your feet feel better, but your legs, knees, hips and back will be rejuvenated too.

    Can be worn in any type of shoe, sneaker, sandals, flip-flops or even when you are barefoot!

    Reduce foot pain when indoor or outdoor.

    Improves alignment to aid legs, knees, hips and back.

    One size fits most: 5" x 4-1/2" each.

    Contoured foam and breathable polyester.

    Pack contains 2 x Cushioned Foot Arch Supports

  • £14.99

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